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I've been sick. El's been taking care of me. Today I'm back at work, still coughing and sneezing. Normally by now, I'd be text messaging her something over the phone, but I thought that this comic kinda said it best:

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China/US military relations strain. Okay, now what's the most likely reason for the strain:

(1) "Liu [Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao] mentioned the awarding by Congress of its highest civilian honor to the Dalai Lama last month as an issue that had upset relations."

[Oh, the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize winner is really an evil man seeking to overthrow our tyranny .. er .. governing of his homeland!]

(2) "The Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao also cited the Taiwan arms deal and Dalai Lama visit, but it said Beijing may also have been reluctant to have U.S. ships in the area during military exercises last week that were said to involve submarines, surface ships and bomber aircraft."

[Oh, we fear for the safety of your ships!]

(3) "Liu also said U.S.-China relations have been hurt by U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, a self-governing island that China regards as a renegade province."

[Oh ... $#@%$@ Americans! You're arming the country we want to invade!]

Hmm. Whatever could the *real* reason be?

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[ Atlanta and New York City ] + [ rain and fog ] = [ one really, really bad delay at the airport on my way home ]

Time it would take to drive straight from Gainesville, GA to my house: 12 hours.

Time it actually took me to drive from Gainesville to Atlanta, fly to Newark, then drive home: 12 hours.

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Is it really a sacrifice to give up all your worldly possessions, gathered over 20 years of minimum wage jobs, if you *know* you will inherit $300 billion dollars in 3 days?

Is it really a sacrifice to let yourself be killed if you *know* your father will ressurrect you in three days?
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This article made me laugh. Not only for the actual story, but also because of the picture they used. It bothers me that it's okay for science-related articles to use clip-art-esque pictures.

It's a story about a couple who went in for DNA testing because they got tired of fellow drinkers at the local bar being suspicious that their baby wasn't theirs. Tather than include a picture that might be useful - a picture of the couple, a picture of the bar, heck, even a picture of the baby ... they used an artist's illustration of what DNA looks like:

Now, if someone's been living under a rock, and doesn't know what DNA is ... how the $#@$ is an artist's drawing of DNA (which looks like a messed up spiral staircase at a jaunty angle) going to help their understanding of things?

I mean, it's like a sports story about Alex Rodriguez, and the editor deciding to use this image:

Sorry, random rant.

Flying into NY Airports = Teh Suck.

It's now 5:10 pm. Currently in Detroit Airport. Been trying to get to Newark or LaGuardia since ... 9am, when I was at Dayton (Ohio) Airport. Yep. Should have been simple. I've been booked and rebooked ... 3 times now. Sat on the runway for about 4 hours, cumulative. Sat it Dayton and Detroit Airports for far, far too long. I despise the airspace around NYC, and Newark Airport in particular. So far, I've had *1* non-delayed flight (okay, that one was delayed 15 minutes, but I don't count that) into Newark in the past 20 flights in.

Random Thoughts On A Monday Morning

The image or idea of St. Peter, sitting at the Gates of Heaven, judging people always makes me giggle.

First, why are there gates? Why does God (a supposedly omnipotent being) need a gate to keep things out? Does God have an illegal immigrant problem in the kingdom of Heaven? ("Crap, these illegal Mormons are taking away all the jobs in heaven that should be going to hardworking Catholics! We should build a gate to keep 'em out!")

Second, given some rough numbers for current population and deaths per year, it's looking like St. Pete is judging about 2 people per second on average. That doesn't leave a lot of time for niceities, a rebuttal, or, heck, much of anything besides "heaven, heaven, heaven, hell, heaven, hell ...". Man, talk about a job guaranteed to make you want to poke out your eyeballs. And even if he's a Saint, there's only so much of that you can take before you go postal. And really, you'd think that after thousands of years, he'd have moved on to a management position, and left the judging to some of the newer, younger talent.

Third, do people even get jobs in heaven? If they don't, then why is St. Peter the only one with a job? That's slavery of the worst kind - forcing them to work while absolutely everyone else is partying for eternity. And if they do get jobs, then why would anyone *want* to go - I mean, he gave the crummiest, most tedious and unending job ever concieved to one of his son's beloved twelve disciples ... what kind of horrible job would God give to you?

I dunno.
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